The Mayor

The Mayor's task s are to lead and supervise the administration and finances of the city, e.g.

• to supervise the activities of the local authority committees, executives, management boards, comissions, departments and offices and local government officials and to take action to rectify any mistakes or incongruities
• to lead the planning in the city and the development of the administration
• to supervise the preparation and execution of the matters that will be discussed by the town council, town executive and its sub-committees and to manage the presentation of the matters that will be discussed by the town executive and its sub-committees
• to lead and supervise the finances and accounting in the city
• to represent or to appoint someone else to represent the city at meetings and negotiations, unless the city board has decided otherwise for individual occasions
• to see to that there is always someone representing the city at official receptions
• to appoint a city representative for duties and occasions where the interests of the city need to be looked after, and to give directions of action to the representative
• if needed to give regulations on the cooperation between the departments, offices and the central administration


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