The Town Office

The town office acts as the administrative and legal department of the corporate administration. It is also responsible for the general secretary-, preparatory- and executive tasks of the town council and the town executive. Case and document management of the education department and the technical services department and overseeing the document are also part of the responsibilities.

The city office is responsible for the participating rights of the inhabitants, the centralised customer services, the general management and IT-administration, the centralised communications and legal matters.

The town office is also responsible for the development of the town's marketing and tourism.

The town office is led by the administrative director.


Town Hall
Strengbergsgatan 1, 68600 Jakobstad
tel. 06 786 3111
Kirjaamo tel. 044 785 1413

Heli Viitala
Byråsekreterare (stadsdirektörens sekreterare)
Tiina Pelkonen
Turism- och marknadsföringsplanerare

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