Municipal elections in 2021

The municipal elections will be held on 13 June 2021. On that day, we can choose, who will represent us in Jakobstad's decision-making bodies.

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Read more:

The municipal elections website of Association of Finnish Municipalities:

The elections website of the Ministry of Justice:


 Polling stations in Jakobstad on election day 13 June 2021

Voting district

I Centrum-Keskusta
II Öster-Itä
III Kyrkostrand-Kirkkoranta
IV Västermalm-Länsinummi
V Vestersundsby-Vestersundinkylä
VI Permo
VII Bonäs-Majaniemi

Polling station

Itälä school
Kyrkostrand school
Sports centre
Vestersundsby school
Permo day care
Länsinummi school

Advance voting in Jakobstad 26 May-8 June 2021

The advance voting is held at Jakobstad City Library, Runebergsgatan 12 (entrance from the pedestrian street).

The opening hours for the advance voting are 10:00-20:00 during weekdays and 10:00-16:00 on Saturday and Sunday.


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