Town Executive 2017 - 2019

The town executive is the highest executive body in Jakobstad. 

The town executive is responsible for the city's administration and finances, for the preparation and enforcement of the decisions of the town council and for the legality of these decisions. The town executive monitors the town's interests and represents the town and its action, unless otherwise specified in the administrative regulation. The town executive has 11 members, each of which has a personal substitute. The town council appoints town executive members for a period of two years. The Town Council meets in Town Hall (Stadshuset), Strengbergsgatan 1, every other Monday. The agendas and protocols (in Finnish and Swedish) are available on this website.


Presidium of the Town Executive

Bostrom Peterpng
Peter Boström
Svenska Folkpartiet
Stadsfullmäktiges I viceordförande
Lars Björklund
Finlands Socialdemokratiska parti
Stadsstyrelsens I viceordförande
Kurt Hellstrand 20mindre
Kurt Hellstrand
Kristdemokraterna i Finland
Stadsfullmäktiges III viceordförande



Town Executive

Ulla Hellen2
Ulla Hellén
Finlands Socialdemokratiska parti
Kari Koskela
Finlands Socialdemokratiska Parti
Stadsfullmäktiges II viceordförande
Sjolund Owe
Owe Sjölund
Svenska Folkpartiet
Stadsstyrelsens ordförande

Presidium of the Town Council

Jacob Storbjörk
Finlands Socialdemokratiska parti
Annica Halldin
Annica Haldin
Svenska Folkpartiet / Ruotsalainen kansanpuolue
Stadsfullmäktiges ordförande


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