Information about fees in early childhood education and care (daycare) 1.8. 2021

The grounds for calculating ECEC fees are decided by law. The fees are calculated as a percentage according to the size and income of the family. The highest fee for full-time daycare (over 35 h/week) is 288 €/month/child and the lowest is 27 €/month/child.

If there are multiple children who need daycare in the family, the fee for the second child is 40 % of the fee for the first child (189 €/month at most). The youngest child in daycare is always considered to be the first child.

For each additional child, the fee is 20 % of the fee for the youngest child. The fee is charged for a maximum of 11 months per calendar year.

Family is defined as follows: married persons living together in a household or persons in a marriage-like relationship living together in a household as well as all of their underaged children.

The percentage for the fees and income limits are as follows: 

Size of Family  Income limit, €/month  Fee percentage  Highest fee, if gross income higher than: 

      2                2 798                                10,7                        5 485

      3                3 610                                10,7                        6 297

      4                4 099                                10,7                        6 786

      5                4 588                                10,7                        7 275

      6                5 075                                10,7                        7 762

If there are more than six people in the family; the income limit will increase with 189 euros for every additional minor child in the family. The taxable earned- and investment incomes as well as tax-free incomes of the family are the basis for the fee.


If the family has not provided an income report during the first month of the child's ECEC, the fee will be the highest possible amount.

If the income report is given at a later time and it shows that the fee should be lower, the fee will be corrected at the beginning of the next month. The decided fee will not be corrected retrospectively.

The fee for ECEC activities is set according to hours/month:

Nursing time/month

Corresp. to nursing time/week

% of the full fee acc. to income

max 60 h/month

On average 14 h/week

 50 %

max 86 h/month

On average 20 h/week

 60 %

max 115 h/month

On average 27 h/week

 70 %

max 149 h/month

On average 34 h/week

 85 %

150 h/month or more

On average 35 h/week or more

 100 %

The nursing times can vary daily and weekly but they need to be reserved beforehand electronically through the Päikky-system (on the town's website). For more information go to  web site of Jakobstad, Children and Adukation / Early childhood education and care.

Nursing time changes made during the year must be in effect for at least three months. Applying for change must be done with a special form that will be supplied by the ECEC place or on the web site of Jakobstad.

The monthly fee will always be charged in full, except in the following cases:
No fee if
- the child is absent because of illness for the entire calendar month
Half the fee if
- the child is absent because of illness for more than 10 days during a calendar month
- the child is absent for some other reason than illness for the entire calendar month
Hourly fee if
- the municipal nursing liaison begins or ends during the calendar month.

A notice about the decided fee will be sent to the family before the initial ECEC invoice. Please consult the department of Early childhood Education and care you need additional information.


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