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Comprehensive Education for Adults

The town of Jakobstad is arranging comprehensive education for adults, intended for those that have passed the compulsory school age. At the comprehensive education for adults one can study the entirety of the curriculum for the comprehensive education, or take the missing comprehensive school courses. The education is 1–3 years long and it is conducted as daytime studies. The education is free of charge for the participants.

The comprehensive education for adults consists of an introductory and a final phase and, if needed, a literacy phase as a part of the introductory phase. The literacy phase is intended for those in need of basic reading and writing skills as well as mathematical skills. The phase consists of studies supporting this.

The students are studying according to an individual study plan and can begin the final phase studies if corresponding studies have been finished or you can demonstrate skills that are valid as achievement. These exemptions shorten the time of the studies and decrease the number of courses that have to be taken. The studies consist of both compulsory and optional studies separated into courses.

Core curriculum for comprehensive education for adults (Swedish/Finnish).
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