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Special Diets in Kindergartens and Schools

If your child has a special diet, the kitchen staff have to be notified about the diet before your child starts their day care or school in order to quickly provide the child his/her special food.

If your child has a diet because of medical reasons e.g. a gluten-free diet, a diet suitable for diabetics, a milk-protein free diet as well as diets for other serious allergies (allergies that may result in an anaphylactic shock); a certificate from a doctor or nurse is required.

The special diets follow the national allergy-programme, which emphasises to support health.

According to the national allergy-programme (2008-2016) mild allergy symptoms such as temporary pain, itchiness or redness of the mouth should no longer be treated by avoiding the allergen. Instead it should be treated by being exposed to the allergen and gradually increasing tolerance. Only foods that result in a serious allergic reaction should be removed from the diet.

No certificate is required for lactose-free diets.

Lactose-free meals need not be specifically ordered unless other allergies are part of the diet. If your child needs lactose-free milk, he/she can freely choose it. All of the food in schools and kindergartens is low-lactose.

Certificates are also not needed for diets based on religious or ethical reasons. Halal meat is not provided for Muslims, but pork is substituted with other meats or vegetarian or vegan alternatives. 

Certificates and notes about diets have to be sent directly to the kitchen making the food. If you need further information, please contact the chef responsible for special diets!

Lunch ladies responsible for special diets:
Länsinummi school: 044 785 1576
The central kitchen in Oxhamn school (Rådmans): 06 786 3475

Form: Notifying about special diets for your child


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