Jakobstad Offers First-class Opportunities for Businesses

The Jakobstad Region Development Company Concordia promotes regional businesses. Concordia helps enterprises to launch and develop their operations in Jakobstad. Read more on Concordia's website. 

We are very pround that the Jakobstad region has a very versatile industrial structure. Logistic connections are excellent as the city has, in addition to the port, a rail connection right down to the city centre, and the Kokkola Jakobstad airport is also nearby. There is no shortage of skilled workforce in the bilingual Jakobstad, and the city can offer real estate for a wide range of needs.

More information about industrial structure, businesses and trade can be found in Concordia's information services.

Many well-known brands, such as Nautor, Friends & Brgrs and Snellman, for example, originate from Jakobstad. A list of the largest employers is found here. 

We wish all new entrepreneurs warmly welcome to Jakobstad!


We wish all new entrepreneurs warmly welcome to Jakobstad! - A Little Town with a Big Heart

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