The Malm House

The Malm House consists of the main building with a wing, an annex, staff quarters and a row of outhouses with cattle sheds, stables and depositories. The staff quarters today house the museum’s textile laboratory, conservation workshop and a country shop replica. The annex has been thoroughly restored and contains a farmhouse, a tackle chamber, a country shop of the 1940s and 50s and “Rita’s hairdresser’s parlour salon” (1940s-70s).

Exhibitions 2022

28.1. - 27.3.2022

Museum exhibition: Stolta Ålänningar


1.6. - 4.9.2022



1.10.2022 - 29.1.2023

Julia Widgren


Exterior mot Storgatan3


Bondstugan och lilla byggnaden web

Rita Damfrisering

Simons lanthandel interior kopia




 Exterior mot Tradgardsgatan 1

The park on the southernmost part of the lot was completed after the fire in 1835, but it has gone through many changes over the years. In the park there is an Obuhoff cannon, in memory of the first ever Finnish school of artillery, founded in Jakobstad in the year 1918.

 Malmska garden red web


Malmska gardens sal


The hall is the largest room of the house, ca 75 square meters, which made it the largest room in the entire town as well. The ceiling is also higher than in the other rooms. Moreover, the hall has served as a banqueting room for the local gentry and for representational occasions. In this hall, the first Runeberg-festivities were held on the 50th birthday of the poet. The original structures of the room have been preserved, alongside some of the furnishing, ranging from Empire style to late Renaissance.

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