The Tobacco Warehouse

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In the museum's exhibition space, on the first floor of the Tobacco Warehouse, Jakobsgatan 9, exhibitions are shown all year round.

When exhibitions are in progress, the exhibition hall is open Tuesday-Sunday at 12-4 PM, and Wednesday evenings at 6-8 PM.

The space with its large bright halls is suitable for art exhibitions, but other, cultural-historical exhibitions are also shown. The museum's annual children's event also usually take place here. The space has become known outside the city limits, which is why many artists, even from abroad, are happy to exhibit here.

The exhibition centre (the Tobacco Warehouse) is closed
1.1., 6.1., 15.-18.4., 1.5., 24.-27.6., 5.-7.11., 6.12, 24.-26.12.
and 31.12.2022.

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Exhibition centre. Old Tobacco warehouse, Jakobsgatan 9.
Open Tuesday-Sunday 12-4 pm and on wednesdays also 6-8 pm

Exhibitions 2022

Januari: Artexhibition; Novia 

Februari: Artexhibition; Tuomo Kukkonen

Mars: ; Photosexhibition - Gun-Marie Wiis
Photosexhibition - Jan Björk

April: Artexhibition Mari Arvinen

May: Artexhibition Tuija Palojärvi

June: Photosexhibition - Jakobstads fotoklubb

July: the Yearexhibition of Jakarte

August: Artexhibition Noora Ylipieti

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