A New Service Counselor Will Contribute to a Quicker Integration


The Integration Port now also has a new Service Counselor, Johanna Järvikivi, whose work focuses solely on employment and education. The goal is to make integration quicker, but also to make newcomers feel more at home in Jakobstad and its surrounding regions.

– It can be questions about work, internships or studying. After the new taxi legislation came into effect I have received questions e.g. about how one can get started as a taxi-driver. Someone asked me for help in translating documents about their professional competence from their homeland, Järvikivi says.

The target group are residents of immigrant background living in the Jakobstad region. According to Järvikivi the reason for them moving here or how long they have been here does not matter.

– There are many regional educational institutions and organisations that work with employment and education for people with immigrant backgrounds. My goal is to help them onto the right path and to fill a void if there is one. Our services are completely free of charge. Together we can make a plan for how you move on in life.

Järvikivi worked in the cleaning industry for 25 years before she started her job at the Integration Port in Jakobstad. She has plenty of experience working as a supervisor and an educational manager for a lot of people including those from immigrant backgrounds.

– I am used to starting from a clean slate and I think doing so has many advantages. My work description is still changing and evolving, and it varies according to the circumstances. At the same time, I have learned a lot of new things e.g. about different forms of immigration.

According to Järvikivi, a successful integration is not just about being integrated into the Finnish society, but also to feel at home here.

– At my old workplace, I often heard immigrants say that they enjoy getting to know Finnish people because it gives them an opportunity to understand different aspects of life in Finland. I really want to contribute to creating something similar at my current job.

At the Port you can receive help with e.g. the following things:

• Learning more about the Finnish society
• Knowing what services are provided by different authorities (police, local register office, Kela, tax office, TE Services)
• An initial evaluation and a follow-up plan (for those who are not clients at TE Services)
• Finding language courses or an education
• Organising day care or education for your children
• Keeping track of different laws and rules regarding jobs and labour migration
• Tips about recreational activities
• Guidance on housing and finances • Help is available in English, Swedish or Finnish and if needed also in other languages with the help of an interpreter
• For more information about the Integration Port, please visit www.jakobstad.fi.

More information:
Johanna Järvikivi, Service Councelor, 044 785 1586
Read about “The Port” on the City's website.


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