Jakobstad’s Traffic and Environmental Plan is Being Updated


Technical Services in Jakobstad are preparing an update of the town’s traffic and environmental plan for the town centre. The previous plan dates back to 1989. The aim is an updated traffic and environmental plan that is better suited for the needs of today and gives resources for developing the town centre. Apart from the town centre the plan also covers the most important traffic routes to and from the town centre.

During the process we are arranging seminars for the public. The intention is also to give the public an opportunity to present their perspectives and opinions through social media during the whole process.

You can find more information about the project here in Swedish or Finnish.

You can also follow our channels and participate in the project on social media (in Swedish and Finnish):
Facebook: Projektsida för planläggningen/Kaupunkisuunnittelun projektisivut
Youtube: Jstad Psaari Planläggning Suunnittelu

More information:
Town planning architect Sören Öhberg, 044 785 1633, soren.ohberg@jakobstad.fi

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