Welcome to Jakobstad!

Moving to a new place is a big change in life. You drift away from your old acquaintances and finding new ones requires a lot of effort. It is important to find out about municipal services as well as hobbies and leisure activities.

Jakobstad, with its people and living environment, makes a great place for someone looking for a stimulating and comfortable life. The bilingualism and diversified export-industry gives the city an air of internationality and multiculturalism.

The town is big enough to offer comprehensive services while still being small enough to allow everyone to feel that they are part of the community and that they are able to influence on a local level.

Jakobstad is the town of the citizens, our town. By participating and influencing you can make this great town even greater for us all. Give feedback here.

This page contains information for new residents.
The Integration Services provides information for newcomers.

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