Language Courses

Language courses in Finnish and Swedish

The official languages in Finland are Finnish and Swedish. The integration into the Finnish society will become easier if you know the language spoken in your hometown.

It is important that you learn the language of your new home country and it will be easier to find a job if you know Finnish. About five percent of the population in Finland have Swedish as their mother tongue.

There might be a waiting list for the language courses so it pays off to apply for one immediately when entering the country. Courses are held on all different levels.

If you do not know the language at all, you can start with a beginners course ("alkeiskurssi" in Finnish). There are also courses for those who do not know how to read or write.

The courses are usually held daytime, but some evening courses are also available. For some of the courses you will have to pay a fee, but others are free of charge. Courses held by the schools usually begins in August or September or in January. It is important that you sign up well in advance. You can ask the schools when the period of notification starts.

In the Jakobstad region language courses are held in Finnish and Swedish at the following education centers:

You can also study Finnish or Swedish online on your own. At the following websites you can look for suitable study material:

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