The emergency number in Finland is 112. There is no need for an area code. You should call the emergency number when you need to get in contact with the police, the ambulance or the rescue service as quickly as possible.

When calling you should first establish your name and then inform what has happened and where and if there are any people in danger. Answer the questions and follow the instructions given to you. Wait for permission to disconnect the call. The emergency number must only be used in case of a real emergency.

If someone has been poisoned you should call the Poison Information Center for guidance. The Poison Information Center is available 24 hours a day on 09 471 977 or 09 4711 (switchboard).

More information related to legal aid and judicial support in English and other languages can be found here.

Violence In a Relationship or Family

Violence in a relationship or family may involve, for example:

  • hitting, kicking or pushing
  • subordination and coercion
  • sexual violence

A victim of violence can be either a man or a woman. Violence can be targeted at an adult, a child or an elderly person. Violence in a relationship or family is always a crime; this includes physical abuse at home. Also corporal punishment of children, such as smacking, is prohibited by law in Finland.

Help can be obtained by both the victim and the offender. Contact the police, your local social office, the Victim Support Center (Rikosuhripäivystys) or a shelter. Should you fall victim to violence, it is advisable to file a report of the offense and visit a doctor. The doctor can give you an official statement that will help you move things forward.

Children's and Young People's Problems

Child Counseling Centers

You can contact the child counseling center if you have questions concerning your child's health, upbringing or development. If needed, they will direct you to another service center. Working at the child counseling centers are nurses and doctors. Contact details for the child counseling centers in Jakobstad, Nykarleby, Pedersöre and Larsmo will be found here. Contact details for the child counseling centers in Kronoby, here.

Family Counseling Centers

The Family Counseling Center in the Jakobstad region provides help if you are having problems in your family life, trouble in your relationship or if you need help in crisis or grief. The visits are free of charge and the staff are bound to secrecy. Appointment by phone on 040 310 0485 (switchboard) Monday - Wednesday 09-12 or by email: jakobstad.familjeradgivning@evl.fi

Social Centers

You can also ask for help at your local Social Center. Together with the social worker you can discuss what kind of help your family needs, such as family service, support family activity and family care. Here you will find more information. For contact details for the Social Center in Kronoby, click here (in Swedish and Finnish).

Financial Problems

Income support is a financial support from the social welfare care that will only be paid if you are not eligible to receive any other benefits. It is intended to ensure a person's and family's livelihood and promote opportunities to cope on their own.

It is possible to receive income support when you can not handle a financially difficult life situation on your own. Income support is intended to be a temporary aid to ensure your minimum income during a transition while searching for solutions to improve the beneficiary's situation. You can find more information here (Jakobstad, Nykarleby, Pedersöre and Larsmo) and here if you live in Kronoby.



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