1. Who can I contact regarding questions on applying for income support?

The application forms are available at Kela offices and online here

Supplementary and preventive social assistance is provided by your local social services. However, you need a decision from Kela concerning basic social assistance before applying for supplementary or preventive social assistance.

Supplementary or preventive social assistance can be granted on a case-by-case basis for particular expenses not covered by basic social assistance.

2. How can I find out where the nearest health station is?

Contact the telephone consultations at your Health Care Center (HVC) if you need consulting on illnesses or diseases, want to ask about laboratory and x-ray results or want to make an appointment with a doctor or a nurse.

Telephone consultations in Jakobstad Monday - Friday between 8.00 - 16.00: tel. (06) 786 1333 (patients from Jakobstad, Larsmo and Pedersöre)

Telephone consultations in Nykarleby Monday - Friday between 8.00 - 16.00: tel. (06) 786 2701 (patients from Nykarleby, Jeppo and Munsala)

In Kronoby:
Appointments and assessment of health needs: tel. 040 806 5700 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 8.00-16.00.  

3. How can I apply for a day-care place for my child?

All non-school age children are entitled to municipal daycare, which may be provided in the form of a daycare centre (nursery school) or family daycare. For children under 3 years of age, parents have the right to a child home care allowance or partial parental allowance in accordance with the guidelines set by KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland). More information below:

4. How can I apply for rental housing from the City/municipality?

5. What's on in the Jakobstad region?

6. How can I obtain information on becoming an entrepreneur in the Jakobstad region?

7. I am an EU citizen and I would like to move to the Jakobstad region. How do I go about it?

As an EU citizen you are allowed to stay in Finland for three months at your own expense. If you wish to stay in the Jakobstad region and register as a resident, you must have a job or active company, a place of study or long-term family ties. More information here.

8. How can I find Finnish/Swedish language courses in the Jakobstad region?

9. My fixed- term residence permit is expiring soon. Where can I renew it?

You need to apply for an extended permit before your residence permit expires. If you do not apply for an extended permit, you will have to leave Finland when your residence permit expires.

If you still meet the same requirements you met when your previous residence permit was granted to you, the Finnish Immigration Service will grant you an extended permit. If you have stayed in Finland long enough, you may apply for a permanent residence permit.

10. Am I allowed to work while I wait for a decision on a residence permit application submitted on the ground of employment?

You are not allowed to work while your first residence permit application submitted on the grounds of employment is still being processed. Work that does not require a residence permit constitutes an exception to this rule. However, you should note that you are only allowed to perform such work without a residence permit for the duration of the validity period of your visa or visa-exempt status.
If you have previously been issued a residence permit on the grounds of employment, or some other residence permit that entitles you to work, you can continue to work under the terms of your previous permit while your application for an extended permit is being processed. For this to apply, you must apply for an extended permit before the expiration of your previous permit.

More information is available from the Finnish Immigration Service. Also read about work that does not require a residence permit (”Employment without residence permits”; Aliens Act, Section 81).

11. Is it possible for me to obtain a Finnish residence permit for my parents?

A residence permit on the grounds of family ties may, under certain circumstances, be applied for family members other than members of the nuclear family. Residence permit applications are processed by the Finnish Immigration Service.

12. How do I apply for Finnish citizenship?

If your identity is verified by means of a valid passport or ID card and you meet the other requirements, you can apply for Finnish citizenship. You can apply for the citizenship through the webpage of Enter Finland transaction service. Read more about the requirements for applying Finnish citizenship here.

13. I move to the Jakobstad region from abroad and I have school-aged children. How can they start school?

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