Integrated service chains for immigrants in the Jakobstad region

The purpose of this project is to develop a smooth and unified integration path for the immigrants in the Jakobstad region - regardless of immigrant background - by:

  • Improving the access to integration services for the immigrants - information point.
  • Systematically conduct initial mapping to establish the tutor and service needs among the immigrants (concerns non TE-office clients)
  • Offering personal tutoring as support for individual integration and follow ups based on the initial mapping.
  • Develop the cooperation/service chains between the main partners (Concordia, the Local Register Offices, the TE-office, Kela, the police, the tax office, the Social and Health Care Services, associations, congregations and kindergartens/schools/educations)
  • Develop services, processes and skills - support for the staff and the partners
  • Develop basic information on a local level in various languages (both online and in written form)

The project is running 1.1.2016-31.12.2018, and the majority of the funding comes from the European Social Fund.

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