Receiving of Refugees

Quota refugees (Vietnameses) were first received in the region in 1989. Jakobstad, Nykarleby, Pedersöre, Larsmo and Kronoby are working together on receiving quota refugees since 2010. In the year of 2010, 36 Burmese quota refugees arrived to the region. In 2011, 79 Afghan quota refugees were received and in 2012 another 50 arrived. During these last years (2014-2016) the Jakobstad region has been receiving 50 Syrian refugees per year. During 2017-2019 the Jakobstad region will receive another 100 quota refugees per year.

The Jakobstad Region's Integration Model

In the integration model of the Jakobstad region, the integration work permeates all sections. The immigration work has become more efficient thanks to a new organizational model, new collaborations and more structured networks for both authorities and volunteers. The current process is a continuation of a collaboration between the Jakobstad, Larsmo, Kronoby, Nykarleby and Pedersöre municipalities, which began in 2010.

While having different needs, the municipalities in the region still benefit greatly from having a common plan and goal and similar ways of fulfilling it. Equal service is important in a region where the municipalities are similar.

The Jakobstad region's integration model is built on networking with a continuous dialogue. The networking is central and covers many sections.

More information about the receiving of refugees in the Jakobstad region below.



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