Welcome to the Jakobstad region!

Jakobstad is the center of a bilingual region made up of 5 municipalities: Jakobstad, Nykarleby, Pedersöre, Kronoby and Larsmo, with a total of about 50 000 inhabitants and more than 21 000 workplaces. Jakobstad alone has about 19 231 inhabitants (preliminary population for September 2019) and about 11 000 workplaces.

The solid industrial base and functioning economy of the city has provided good opportunities to develop the service. The region is well integrated through different forms of cooperation and forms a unified economic area.


3 200 people commute daily from surrounding municipalities to the workplaces in the city and 1800 citizens work in the surrounding areas. This makes the city's workplace self-sufficiency one of the absolute best in the country (130,8 %). There are 3 000 companies in the Jakobstad region, of which 1 200 are found in Jakobstad. Together with Karleby, the region forms a labor market area with more than 100 000 inhabitants and 6 000 companies.

Jakobstad is an ideal place for business. In the business world you will find companies in all sectors and a lot of the companies export their products and services, giving the city an international touch.

Did you come to the Jakobstad region for studies, work, family connections or as a refugee?




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