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The TE-office, or employment agency, is the place where you should go when you are looking for work or want to register your unemployment. The TE-office organizes courses, for example on how to write a good résumé and their task is to help all people living in Finland to find a work place or employment through work experience or training.

If you work in Finland, a residence permit for employees is usually required. If you independently carry out a profession, a residence permit for traders is required. To independently carry out a profession means that you are an entrepreneur.

If the work lasts less than three (3) months, a residence permit for employees is not always required. If you apply for an extension of your residence permit for employees you can submit the application to the Police.

Tax Card

If you work, receive unemployment benefits or financial aid from FPA (Kela) you need a tax card. In Finland you pay tax on all income. The taxes are used for public services such as schools and health care.

To obtain a tax card you need an identity card and a personal identification number. If you do not have a tax card your employer will deduct 60 percent of your salary. You can get your tax card from the tax office. You can also order your tax card via the Tax Administration website. The income tax in Finland is progressive. This means that the tax on high wage income is relatively higher than the tax on small wage income. The unemployment benefits are also taxed.

Tax Consultancy

If you need information on tax payments you can turn to the tax office. The office in Jakobstad is located on Choraeusgatan 10. Outside business hours, documents can be left in the office mailbox.
There is a lot of information on the Tax Administration's website. You can also call the Tax Administration. They attend you in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Bank Account

It is wise to open up a bank account. In Finland the salary and all benefits, such as integration aid and child benefits, are paid to a bank account. You need a passport or an identity card to be able to open a bank account.

Banks in the Jakobstad region:

• Aktia (in Swedish and Finnish)
• Andelsbanken
• Handelsbanken (in Swedish and Finnish)
• Nordea

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