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Summerjob 2022:

Why should I get a summer job? Where can I find a job? Who can help me to find a summer job? All these questions will be answered during Summer job 2022. You will also get information about other types of summer jobs (work place training, work try-out etc.). The event will be recorded. You can see the recording here.

The Integration Port, TE-office, Concordia and Romaniportti/ Romporten. 

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Summer jobs 2021

An information event about seeking summer jobs was held online on January 20th 2021. The Integration Port, the employment agency (TE-services), Concordia, the Federation of Special Welfare Organisations (EHJÄ) and the Roma Gate participated. You can find the contact details for the participants here.

The event was held in Finnish and Swedish and it was recorded.

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For employers


An information kit for the employer about things needed, when employing a foreigner (Fin/Swe)

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