Find Your Dream Home in Jakobstad

Are you dreaming of owning a lot in a calm little town where everything is comfortably close to your house?

The town of Jakobstad has plenty of plots available for anyone who wishes to build a house. All plots are located within the town limits, so the services are very close. You can either buy or lease a plot.
At the moment, the town has several appealing plots to offer in different areas. If you wish to know more about any of them, please visit this page (in Swedish / in Finnish). The land surveying department (in Swedish / in Finnish) will assist the citizens in finding and reserving a plot.

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The building inspection office assists builders

When you have found a plot or an apartment that suits you, it is time to start building or renovating. Firstly, you need to hire a master planner and then contact the building inspection office to schedule a negotiation.

The building inspection office provides advice for builders throughout the whole building process. The building inspection office cooperates with the land surveying division in order to create a pleasant and safe living environment for all the inhabitants in Jakobstad.

The newest version of the Builders Handbook and other manuals can be found here (in Swedish / in Finnish)

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Are you perhaps looking to own or rent an apartment that is close to nature while still being close to our lively town center?

In Jakobstad there is a wide selection of apartments for rent or sale, and the prices are significantly lower than in the metropolitan areas and the big growth centers. Both the recreational areas by the sea and the bilingual services of the town are close wherever you are, which is why it is comfortable and easy to live in a multistory house or a terraced house in our compact town.

You can read more about apartments available for rent, apartments for the elderly as well as apartments for students here (in Swedish / in Finnish).

Privately owned apartments for sale or rent are listed in the local newspapers and on advertisement pages such as (in Swedish / in Finnish) and (in Finnish). You can also search and apply for apartments through private estate agents.

Do you need office premises or a lot in order to establish your business?

Under the tab Useful information for businessesNäringsliv (in Swedish) / Yrityselämä (in Finnish) on our web page we have compiled different kinds of information concerning enterprising; e.g. information about available business premises and plots.

Furthermore, the development company of the Jakobstad region, Concordia, provides help and advice to local businesses. 

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