The Department of Social Services and Health Care in the Jakobstad region

The Department of Social Services and Health Care in the town of Jakobstad provides all municipal social welfare and health care services for the inhabitants of the towns of Jakobstad and Nykarleby and the municipalities of Larsmo and Pedersöre. This area has a population of approx. 43 300 people. All services and care are provided both in Swedish and Finnish. Health care staff is also able to serve clients in English.

Municipal social services and health care promote the population’s health and well-being and thereby support the individual’s and society’s ability to function. Social services and health care prevent social problems and illness from developing. When need arises care will be given quickly and effectively.

Homepage (mostly in Finnish and Swedish) : Social Services and Health Care

The department provides the following services:

Health care and medical service

  • health counselling
  • primary health care
  • certain specialized medical care

Social welfare

  • social services
  • services for the disabled
  • income security service

Elderly care

  • home care and support services
  • service accomodation
  • geriatric care

Environmental health care

  • health inspection
  • veterinary care
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