Come Work in Jakobstad!

The town of Jakobstad can always offer interesting vacant jobs to experts in different fields. You can find available jobs in the register down below and also by visiting the webpages of Public employment and business services (TE-services). 

You can apply through Kuntarekry unless there are some other instructions on how to do it. You will need to register a username and password on Kuntarekry in order to submit an application. After registering, you can update your application even after submitting it.

For instructions on applying for vacant jobs at The Department of Social Services and Health Care in the Jakobstad region, click here.

Summer jobs

In February you can start applying for the summer jobs offered by the town of Jakobstad. Announcements about the application process will be posted on the towns webpage.

This year, the application period ends on the 21st of February. All school children and students born before 1.6.2004 were allowed to apply for a summer job in 2020.

Youths who had not previously had jobs at the town of Jakobstad were prioritized in the application process.

Other employers
Both big and small businesses are always looking for new employees in Jakobstad. You can look through the job advertisements on the webpages of TE-services as well as through other places, or you can submit an open application directly to the employer. You will find the contact information for the biggest employers here.

Job advertisements:

TE-services (public employment and business services)
Eilakaisla (in Finnish)
Monster (in Finnish) (in Swedish)


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