Leisure activities in Jakobstad are anything but boring!

There are excellent and versatile opportunities for leisure in Jakobstad.

Lots of sports and culture events and activities are organized in town. There is something for every age group.
Please read these if you want to know more about what to do for leisure in Jakobstad

Sports and outdoor life in Jakobstad

Culture events in Jakobstad


A lively town centre that invites you to shop

The town of Jakobstad is a charming old town with a renewed town centre, and together these two things form a pleasant entirety, in which one gladly would spend some free time shopping or eating. The new parking garage below the town square makes it easier to find a parking spot. The entrance to the parking garage is next to the town square, on Köpmansgatan 13.
In our compact town centre, small local specialty stores as well as nationwide chain stores lie closely together. Right next to the pedestrian street there is also a newly constructed shopping centre. Our lively and concentrated centre was recently voted as the liveliest town/city centre in Finland!

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Tasty experiences and coffee dates in Jakobstad

The restaurants and cafés in Jakobstad offer many different alternatives for whenever you wish to eat out or just have a nice time with your friends.
You can find your favourite from a range of ethnic restaurants, lunch restaurants that serve simple home cooking, charming cafés and à la carte restaurants; not to mention pubs and nightclubs.
During the summer, citizens like to relax and enjoy summer in the summer restaurants, -cafés and pubs with terraces.

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