There is an abundance of culture in Jakobstad, despite the fact that it is a small town

In Jakobstad you can enjoy theatre, movies, art exhibitions, museums as well as music- and culture festivals.

Music, and especially classical music, holds a special place in Jakobstad. The heart of the culture scene in Jakobstad is in the town centre in Campus Allegro – a hub for art, creativity and well-being. In the Schauman Hall, which holds 400 people, there are concerts every week and in the GRO Gallery you can look at exhibitions with all kinds of art; ranging from modern art to process art.

Music Café After Eight is one of the most important cultural spots in Jakobstad. Different concerts and events are regularly held in the beautiful courtyard of After Eight.

In addition, students from the music institute often do concerts in different venues in town, e.g. on the terraces of Black Sheep or Stadshotellet. The music organization Jazzoo arrange Thursday Jazz on Thursdays. Both local as well as internationally recognised artists play on Thursday Jazz events. To get a feel for the local music culture, you can also go to the café Gearhead’s Den, where music students gather to drink coffee and make music.



Museums, art exhibitions and the public library

Besides the music scene, the arts- and culture scene is also very noticeable in Jakobstad.

The Jakobstad Museum arranges various events and exhibitions in different locations. The main building of the historical museum, Malmska gården, is reserved for exhibitions about the history of local maritime trade and seafaring. There are also other interesting museums in town.

Another important cultural element in Jakobstad is the The Jakobstad City Library, which serves as a sort of cosy living room for the citizens. In the library you can read, study, acquaint yourself with art exhibitions as well as take part in events organised by the library. Literature is highly visible and historically very important in our town. Our national poet J.L. Runeberg was born in Jakobstad.

In the library there is a wide array of books, music, movies, e-books, magazines and other media in both Swedish and Finnish.

The general cultural activity promotes, supports, coordinates and organises all cultural activities in Jakobstad. The cultural department informs the citizens in cultural inquiries as well as maintains and promotes the activities of associations and cultural happenings in town. The event calendar is booked all year round.

DSC 6090Tobaksmagasinet interior

The event calendar is booked all year round

Thanks to – among other things – all the active cultural associations, there are many different events organised throughout the year in Jakobstad.

The culture year starts with Runeberg week at the beginning of February. It is organised by the town and the focus during this week is on literature.

Summer events culminate during Jakobs Dagar in July. Jakobs Dagar has been organised ever since the 1970’s and it has grown from a one-weekend event to a week-long festival, during which both new and old Jakobstad citizens go out into the streets to celebrate. Children’s Day and Gammaldags torg are two very popular events held every year.

The summer season ends with Spotlight – an atmospheric night of culture and trade. During Spotlight there are different music-, art- and dance events and stores are open almost until midnight.
Autumn evenings are lit up by Lucia, who arrives wearing her crown of lights.




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