Sports and outdoors life in Jakobstad

There are excellent opportunities for all kinds of outdoors activities in town – the ocean and the nature is always close by.

During winter all the locals are eagerly waiting for the ice to form, so that they can honour the yearly tradition of skiing to Mässkär, over the ice. Of course, the lit trails, rinks and ice skating rinks are also available for everyone to use. Smaller ice rinks are also found in different housing areas in town.

During summer, the citizens of Jakobstad go to the beach. The long sand covered beaches in Fäboda are especially popular among everyone who wants to sunbathe. In the Fäboda area there are three big, common beaches with sand dunes. Another very popular beach is the one at Kittholmen, close to the town centre. The love Jakobstad has for the sea and sailing is very evident by all the boats moored at the guest harbour at Gamla Hamn. Sailing destinations can be found both close as well as further away. One of the most popular ones is Mässkär; there are even cruises to Mässkär in summer!

In the forests of Fäboda there are excellent hiking trails of varying length. They can be used both in winter and summer. The Fäboda-Pörkenäs hiking trail tells about the plant community, history and geology of the area. A non-impediment hiking trail is also under construction in the area.

The calm of nature can be enjoyed even in the parks in Jakobstad. There are, in fact, so many parks in Jakobstad that the town is sometimes called ”the town of parks”. In Skolparken you can stroll around and look at and read about a thousand different species of plants. The Aspegren garden is also at a walking distance from the town centre. There you can look at the beautifully restored vicarage and the surrounding garden. In summer there are also animals on the property, e.g. sheep and rabbits.

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Sport facilities both outdoors and indoors

In different areas owned by the town there are a number of sand-, artificial turf- and grass pitches as well as a frisbee golf course. The sand fields and the park fields are free for anyone to use, as long as they are not booked for events or hobbies. The Centralplanen is a great spot to do track and field athletics in the summer. The running tracks are free to use when they are not booked, and if you wish to do some other sport there, you can book the tracks and there is also equipment available if needed.

Soccer is a very popular hobby in Jakobstad; soccer teams and -associations have a lot of members. The bigger grass pitches are suitable for soccer and the soccer field in Tellushallen is also very popular, however they have to be booked at the sports department. During winter, the running tracks in Tellushallen are free to use during certain times and the sports department can tell you if they are available or not.

In town there are also great spaces for indoor sports, e.g. in schools and in Idrottsgården. The newly constructed Rettig Sport Center is popular amongst floorball players. The booking of indoor sport areas is also done at the sports department. The public swimming bath, with different pools and a jacuzzi, is open year round as well.

The sports department is responsible for maintaining both the indoor and outdoor sports spaces in town, as well as handling the bookings of these spaces and organising sports/excercise groups. On the website of the sports department you can find the opening hours for all sports spaces, application times for continuous bookings and the fees for all spaces.

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Bekanta dig med idrottsföreningar och -evenemang

In Jakobstad there are also many active associations that organise indoors and outdoors sports. There are courses, clubs and practice opportunities for everyone in different sports and of different skill levels. For instance, you can practice martial arts, diving, floorball, volleyball, hockey, strength sports, gymnastics, swimming, figure skating, horse riding, sailing and tennis.

The main local sports events every year are Jakob Marathon in summer and Fäbodaloppet (skiing) in winter.

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