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Jakobstad is a beautiful historical city located in Ostrobothnia in Western Finland, on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Jakobstad was established by countess Ebba Brahe in 1652. She gave the town its name after her late husband Jacob de la Gardie. The Finnish-speakers however retained the old name of the parish and therefore the name of the town in Finnish still remains Pietarsaari (from Pedersöre). 

The town is renowned for its maritime history. Shipbuilding with its associated shipping industry has long traditions in Jakobstad. Jakobstad is also known as a town of parks and gardens. Johan Ludvig Runeberg, Finland’s national poet, was born in Jakobstad. 

Welcome to Jakobstad - Pietarsaari!



See and Experience

There is lots to see and experience in Jakobstad! 

Jakobstad's numerous parks and gardens are like oases in the middle of the town. Visit Vicar Aspegren’s famous gardens at Rosenlund or the popular School garden. 

There are specialised museums which provide very instructive tours and unique experiences, e.g. the Arctic Museum Nanoq and the Museum of Jakobstad. 

Jakobstad's location on the cost offers great possibilities for all kinds of outdoor activities throughout the year. There are beaches and guest harbours within and outside the town area. During the winter the local citiczens enjoy outdoor activities like skiing and ice skating on the sea. 

Also the cultural life in Jakobstad is well worth noticing. The biggest event of the year, town festival Jakobs Dagar in July, attracts thousands of visitors to Jakobstad. 

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Welcome to stay in Jakobstad! 

If you like to stay in Jakobstad there are many alternatives to choose from. There are high class downtown hotels, picturesque camp sites by the sea and economical guest houses. 

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Eat and Drink

There is a great diversity of restaurants and cafés in Jakobstad. For a delicious dinner or a relaxing night out you can make your choice from different ethnic restaurants, charming coffee houses and a la carte restaurants, without forgetting the local pubs and night clubs! 

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A good way to get to know the city is to walk around in the town centre and do some shopping in interesting locally owned shops. Jakobstad offers a good range of clothing and fashion stores alongside small boutiques with unique handicraft and interior products.

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Tourist services

All visitors are warmly welcome to visit Jakobstad Tourist Information located in the Town hall. 

Here you can find information about guide services, traffic connections and package tours.

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