Events and Culture

Jakobstad is a lively city with lots of events and a vibrant cultural life.

There are many different organizers arranging interesting events all year round. On this page you can find a link to our events calendar as well as information about the main event organizers and event venues in town. 


Jakobs Dagar - Jaakon Päivät

Jakob's Days 2018


What is on in Jakobstad?

You can easily find all events in Jakobstad and its surroundings in Ostrobothnia Events Calendar. 

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Events in the city centre

Jakobstads Citygrupp organizes events in the Jakobstad city centre. You can find their event calendar on their homepage. 

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Jakobs Dagar

City festival Jakobs Dagar is undoubtedly the biggest annual event in Jakobstad. Each year over ten thousand of visitors from near and far meet during this one week in July.

Jakob's days offers something for everyone. The folk festival fills the city with music, dance, markets and culture and there is always special program for children and youths.  

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Kino City offers great opportunity to enjoy cinema experience using latest technology. The cinema has two freshly renovated auditoriums and is located in the Jakobstad city centre. 

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Campus Allegro

Campus Allegro is located in the heart of the town of Jakobstad, next to the market place. A living center of the arts, education and culture has been created around three rediscovered 18th century streets.

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Schauman Hall

Schauman Hall is a new, high-quality concert hall in the heart of Campus Allegro. The venue offers spaces for many kinds of events, exhibits, concerts, conferences and lectures. 

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Jakobstad City Library

The Jakobstad City Library is located in the city centre, next to the market place. The library is a public library, which means it is accessible by the public it, open to everyone and it's use is free of charge.

The library opening hours are generous and the Newspaper Reading Room can be visited every day of the week. There are also art exhibits and library's owns events held in the library

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