Fäboda outdoor recreation area

Fäboda is where stunningly beautiful nature meets gorgeous sandy and rocky beaches. No wonder this place has been the summer oasis of the residents of Jakobstad already for decades. People come here year-round to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities: swimming, sunbathing, berry-picking, fishing, hunting, hiking and cross-country skiing. 

The sun-worshipper's paradise

There are three public beaches in Fäboda area, about 10 km from downtown Jakobstad: the beach at Fäboda cafe, Storsand and Lillesand. All beaches in Fäboda are shallow and child-friendly but also adults can go swimming after wading further out a little.

The most popular of the beaches is Lillesand, resembling a lagoon with its natural rounded, curved shape. Lillesand is equipped with a barbecue area, changing rooms and toilets.

The beach at Fäboda cafe, situated right next to Lillesand, is a bit smaller and bordered by low rocky cliffs. 

Storsand is a calmer and wider sandy beach located south from Lillesand. The beach is a part of Natura 2000 areas, a network of nature protection areas. Storsand's soft sand dunes are perfect for sunbathing and making sand castles. 


Fäboda beyond the beaches

Fäboda is much more than just sandy beaches. The area's unique nature attracts visitors year-ound.

Visitors can admire the smooth cliffs, breath in the refreshing sea air and watch the sunset from the shore. The beautiful rocks on the beach are also a popular shooting location both for nature photographers and for various other photoshoots.

In Fäboda there are many types of hiking trails varying in their length and purpose. You can ramble along short and well-marked nature trail or take a up to 33 km long hike. The peaceful forests are also perfect for cross-country skiing, mountain biking and berry-picking. There are huts and picnic areas along the trails. 

Read more about the hiking trails and the accesible nature trail in Fäboda

Map of Fäboda-Pörkenäs hikig trails

Restaurant Fäboda Cafe & Kitchen is located nearby the public beaches. 

The city of Jakobstad manages a caravan park in the area. 

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