Skata - the old wooden house district

Norrmalm, or "Skata", is one of Finland's largest continuous areas of old wooden houses.

Norrmalm was first planned to be a residential area in 1783, but the city proletariat had their homes there even before the the Great Unrest (Iso Viha 1710-1721).

Residential area for sailors and tobacco factory workers

Until the latter part of the 18th century most of Norrmalm's inhabitants were seamen and their families. The district was rapidly changed to a working-class district when the Strengberg tobacco factory expanded in the 1890s and became the the biggest employer in the town. 

Skata was protected in 1982 and it has largely preserved in its original state. Strict regulations ensure that the area will retain its authentic look and history. 

Today Skata is one of the most desirable residential districts in Jakobstad. 


Get to know Skata

The best way to explore Skata is on foot.

Enjoy the colourful and decorated wooden houses and idyllic street views which create a delightful milieu for enjoying coffee at the cosy summer terrace of Skorpan

The Tourist Information can arrange guided tours of the area (advance reservation required).

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